AMP Integration Service

Welcome to Skylite Web LLP! We are pleased to introduce you all with our newly included and highly trending 'Accelerated Mobile Page Integration Service'; simply & shortly known as 'AMP Integration Service'.

So, you might be thinking what is AMP, right! Don't worry! We'll guide you there!

Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP is a unique way of creating website pages for static content with fast-paced response. AMP has three unmatched yet poles-apart parts; those are: AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache. With rising demand of super-fast loading and easy-to-explore content, we bring the right solution near to your finger tip.

Bless your business with AMP Integration Service:


  • Speed is what matters today in this internet age and instant is necessary.
  • Research shows that the slower the website loading page will be, the higher the bounce rate website page will experience.
  • Use of AMP will update your website pages to make it far more compelling for visitors.
  • By doing so, visitors will be able to engage and consume with lots of content.
  • As far as distribution is concerned, AMP is in the top-list today for promoting greater and enhanced distribution.
  • This is to help publishers for taking benefits of the open web's potential so that contents can be appeared wherever they want (across applications & platforms) as soon as possible.
  • This will in return give publishers right lead to generate more revenue by means of advertisements and subscriptions.

Why AMP follows to Open Source Approach?


The companies today are willing to make their websites work better on mobile devices; not for one platform, not for one set of technologies or one set of publishers but for all. Because of the AMP's open source approach, people and businesses have privilege to share and contribute ideas with others. Also, the open source approach of AMP enables them to make the mobile website loading faster than ever experienced.


Who can enjoy the seamless benefits of AMP?


AMP allows all players in the online market to enjoy its seamless benefits. Be it any consumer or publisher or creator, you can take necessary help of AMP to boost content visibility more quickly.

Need more information & help? Hurry up and contact us today. Our AMP experts are standing ready here to help you with your needs.

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